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Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

We’re just one month away from TADHack-mini Orlando, at Catalyst Spaces on 25-26 March. Its going to be a unique, can-not-miss event. This weblog provides a summary of all the amazing local help we’re getting in putting TADHack-mini Orlando together, why TADHack is unique, and some guidance in prep for TADHack-mini Orlando. The Orlando technology and entrepreneurial … Continue reading Prep for TADHack-mini Orlando

TADHack Voronezh Winner: Cell Network Monitor & KPI Analyzer

By Andrey Sorokin, Alexander Kasheverov, Alexey Chernyshev (Editor’s Note: You can learn more about Voronezh in this nice video about the city, and of course on Wikipedia. Diversity is important to innovation, and this weblog describes a winning network-focused hack. Innovation is everywhere!) Introduction Often high buildings around the cell subscriber or the subscriber’s distant … Continue reading TADHack Voronezh Winner: Cell Network Monitor & KPI Analyzer


Here are some answers to common questions: Q) Who should participate in TADHack? A) TADHack is for everyone, from hackers (coders), through hustlers (business people) to hipsters (designers). Communications is a fundamental need of all humans and many ’things’, telecoms is now programmable and democratized so anyone can use the capabilities. Its become very easy, … Continue reading TADHack FAQ

Prizes for TADHack Japan

Here are the prizes for TADHack Japan. Skyway prize will be a Raspberry Pi and WebRTC book that Uchida-san of NTT Advanced Technology translated. You will be able to meet Uchida-san at both TADHack Japan (13-14 February) and the WebRTC Conference Japan (16-17 February). Telestax prize will be 80,000 yen worth of Amazon gift certificates … Continue reading Prizes for TADHack Japan

TADS 2016

What is TADS? TADS is a grass roots initiative focused on building the telecom application development ecosystem to help businesses, developers, non-coders, really anyone who is interested use telecom capabilities in their applications, services and business processes. Telecommunications is a fundamental capability, now it is programmable it can revolutionize industries. The purpose of TADHack, TADHack-minis, … Continue reading TADS 2016

Matrix Prize: A Trossen Robot!

Matrix, a founding sponsor of TADHack, has teamed up with Trossen Robotics to offer the HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton for the best hack using the Matrix platform at TADHack-mini Chicago on the 3/4 October. The HR-OS1 is a hackable, modular, humanoid robot development platform designed from the ground up with customization and modification in mind. With … Continue reading Matrix Prize: A Trossen Robot!

Bandwidth and Telestax Team Up for New TADHack Prize

Bandwidth and Telestax have teamed up for a Bandwidth network powered version of Restcomm for TADHack.  For developers who are interested, Telestax and Bandwidth have pre-installed and configured Restcomm integrated with Bandwidth APIs for activating phone numbers, voice and messaging. Developers who build their hack on this deployment will qualify to compete for an added … Continue reading Bandwidth and Telestax Team Up for New TADHack Prize

Spotlight on MyMobileUniversity by Rani Wemel and Wemel Cumavoo

MyMobileUniversity was founded by Rani Wemel and her husband Wemel Cumavoo.  Its a global initiative to impact lives through education, and was one of the top 3 finalist in Celcom’s TADHack Malaysia. LTT Global has been pioneering mobile learning since 2004. MyMobileUniversity is a global initiative to impact lives through innovative learning technologies. They provide access to … Continue reading Spotlight on MyMobileUniversity by Rani Wemel and Wemel Cumavoo

TADHack Winners: Madrid and Remote Part 3

The second Nexmo prize went to Arjun Kamath and Ella Kaila with Super Streamer that uses WebRTC to broadcast video, not just peer to peer.  There was a problem with the HMDI connector on Arjun’s laptop, but the key slides on how the broadcast works did appear and he battled through bravely and in the end … Continue reading TADHack Winners: Madrid and Remote Part 3